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June can be forgetful

You go to work, pay the bills, eat, sleep, repeat. 

What does this make of being a man? 

Why must it be a forbidden cause to express myself nor feel ?

How does this shape man?

What shape am I supposed to be?

I was never to be made of stone, simply because I am human.

Who and what caused this to be? 

I can’t let the stereotypical aspects of society judge me. 

I must Break Free.  

June is considered Alzheimers and Brain Awareness month. Over 55 Million people are living with Alzheimers or Dementia. Overall June is also considered Men’s Mental Health Awareness month, this is to aid and encourage boys and men to take charge of their overall health by implementing healthy living conditions. We recognize this day on June 14, multiple organizations and associations across Canada help promote this cause. (CMHA) 

As of January 5, 2023 the statistics for Men’s Mental Health declared that over 6 million men suffer from depression each year, while men who suffer from depression are often underdiagnosed.

More than 3 million men in the US suffer from panic disorder, agoraphobia, or any other type of phobia. 

2.3 million Americans are affected by bipolar disorder and an equal amount of men and women develop the illness.

Only 30% of men take charge of their mental health. 

We have been used to hearing “Gender Roles” for a very long time. The differences that lay between men and women have been embedded in us humans since the beginning of time. For example: A man is known to not show emotion unless he feels the need too, his focus should be based on being financially stable, to support but not “raise” a family, while also being the best version of himself to remain that leadership quality at all times. 

This forced image has been exploited in society for over hundreds of years. There are multiple male figures such as singers and actors who represent as role models for young men, children and adults who are fans.  

How is a 24 year old male who suffers from depression in secret, able to reflect on a quote such as this one from this one in a positive way? 

“ A man should be able to hear and bear the worst that could be said of him” – Saul Bellow 

Might not come off as supportive for a male dealing with identity issues, anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder. 

As productive members of this community in the GTA, we now make note of the challenges men face, we would know this by being sons, daughters, fathers, uncles, friends, employees and even a stranger. As time evolves, there is more supporting evidence to point out that men’s mental health suffers as the years go by, even with supportive centers that offer resources. 

A great quote was said to me during my shift at work (Ashley Ferreira- Social Media Board of Directors) Gabriele Venditti (Managing Director at Bernardo Funeral Home) “ this was one of the quotes that stuck with me during school when I heard it, and it still crosses my mind even now”  I gave him some insight on this blog for June. As conversation continued about Men’s Mental Health, he ended up telling me           “grow through what you go through” 

Readers, reflect on this? What can you do to make things better for any male you might know who’s suffering? As a matter of fact, in need of professional help? 

Pay attention to signs and symptoms of mental health crisis 

You may reach out to our organization: Break Free Family Centre

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