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Break Free
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Break Free Family Centre (BFFC) was established on September 4, 2004, as a Registered Business and a Not-for Profit Organization by Patricia Keith. 

Over the years, BFFC has helped thousands of youth and their families living in the GTA.

BFFC’s staff and volunteers have a passion to show the youth of tomorrow that even though they have made decisions in their life that have kept them bound from experiencing the fullness of who they are, in a healthy and progressive environment, that change can be made even in their situations.  Healing can take place not only in their lives today, but in their past as well. 

The executive director and Counsellor at BFFC, Patricia Keith works hard to have everyone that she encounters believe that they are more than what they have done, and that they have the power to make positive decisions even when the odds are against them.

Our mandate is to provide the highest standard of care and therapeutic counselling services to youth, family, offenders and the community at large, regardless of religious preferences, ethnic background, gender or race. 

Our goal is to teach and counsel individuals on how they can break this vicious cycle of violence, addiction, and self-destructive behaviour to become productive members in society.

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