Reverend Patricia Keith – Ph.D

Type of Marriage

  • Wedding Ceremony: Formal and Informal
  • Renewal of Vows Ceremony
Marriage is a divine, distinctive, designed, directed and enduring institution, instituted by Almighty God, and given to man in a state of innocence and happiness.


Leaving, Cleaving and Weaving

The first description of marriage gives us three words for the establishing of a home.

The first is leaving! The most important human relationship for you now is the one you’re establishing today, in this place and before these witnesses. The primary relationship in your life shift from parental to the spousal, from mother and father to husband and wife.

The word “cleave” means to stick like glue, to be devoted, committed to each other. Every marriage goes through difficult periods and challenging times.

Weaving: Marriage requires developing common interest, common hobbies, good communication, time together, frequent dating, and growing love. A wedding can take up to twenty minutes to perform. A friendship takes a lifetime to perfect.