Our Mission Statement

Our mandate is to provide the highest standard of care and therapeutic counselling services to youth, family, offenders and the community at large, regardless of religious preferences, ethnic background, gender or race.


Our goal is to teach and counsel individuals on how they can break this vicious cycle of violence, addiction, and self-destructive behavior and become productive members of society.



We work in partnership with the community, schools, health and social services providers, churches, area police and the judicial system in reaching out to the sick, the disenfranchised and the disadvantaged, to provide them with tools required to make them whole again and become productive members of society.


Black Youth continue to suffer inside and outside the Justice System, especially those struggling with mental health. Here at Break Free, we recognize that the theses youth have limited resources to turn to without the effects of discrimination and prejudice. Break Free Family Services also offers culturally reflective counselling services for Black youth and families.  Counselling is provided from a trauma informed, culturally relevant perspective to address the needs of the Black community.

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