Testimonies of the people we helped

Pastor Pat Keith,

Thank you for the blessing you accorded to me this morning. The Lord truly used you to answer prayers ad I am so grateful. Thank you for your prayers and the support you have given me over the time we’ve known each other.
May God continue to nicely bless you and the ministries he’s birthed in you. May he continue to show you new depths of his heart.

Thank you Sister in Christ.

Love, Raquel A. Russell


Dear Counsellor Pat Keith,

I wanted to shout out a loud thank you to Counsellor Pat Keith, that my life has changed. She has taught and inspired me how to love and live again. So if you are ever down and depressed, take up the phone and give her a call, she is just a phone call away from changing your life!
Thank you,


Patricia Keith has been a main supporter during my time in incarceration. She has prayed for me, counselled and was a huge Inspiration to my life. Taking time out her day to visit me, showing support at my trial and continuing to maintain a stronger presence in means my family’s life until this day. I thank her for her influence she has had over my life and she played a major role in my personal, positive changes I have made over the years. Patricia Keith has showed tremendous family support and has been encouraging them when they need it the most. I would recommend anyone in need of uplifting in their spirit, or positive counselling during any difficult experience one might be having to contact Patricia Keith, with confident that they will notice dramatic changes in their life. I would like to thank Patricia Keith for everything she has done fore me and wish her nothing but blessings in the future.