Our Projects


Our goal is to teach and counsel individuals to be able to break the cycle of violence and addiction that is directly contributing to their self-destructive behaviors. Additionally, they will also be taught the necessary life skills to live more productive lives and thus enabling safer communities for us all.

This is a community initiative for which we are kindly asking for your support. If you would like to support our cause please don’t hesitate to contact our office at Tel. (416) 241-9191, (416) 856-9192, Toll-Free at 1-800-808-6987 or via contact form. With your support, we are one step closer to breaking the vicious cycle of addictions, addressing the underlying causes of Mental Health Illnesses, Suicide, Youth and Gang Violence, saving lives and opening the doors of this Transitional House, “The House That Mothers Built”. When positive effort is made with the proper backing, great things and miraculous things happen.

OUR GOAL FOR 2018/2019

Our goal is to reach our community to partner with us to raise $1,000,000.00 and open the doors of a Transitional House, to be called “The House That Mothers Built.” We aim to effectively treat and re-integrate these young adults into productive members of society. Please help us achieve this goal by buying a brick or by giving us a donation. No donation is too small, all donations will be receipted.

We aim to educate the community about these issues through a series of social events. Upon successful purchase of this Transitional House, the youths who are coming out of the justice system will have a secured shelter where they will receive assistance to be re-integrated into productive members of society.

Please donate to our mission and lay your brick towards this home, The Transitional House to be purchased is to house youths and young adults leaving the justice system who have no place to go for rehabilitation and a place to finally call home. Our mandate is to provide the highest standard of care and counselling to youths, young adults and the community at large – regardless of religious preferences, ethnic background, gender and race.

Treatment on Wheels


We provide the highest standard of care and therapeutic counselling services for youth, families, young offenders and the community at large regardless of religious preferences, ethnic background, gender or race.


  • Teach and counsel individuals as to how they may break the vicious cycles of violence, addiction, crime and other self-destructive behaviours and to rehabilitate them on becoming more productive members of society.
  • Deliver the Break Free Family Centre services to the community within the academic, recreation, low-income high density residential environments where high crime rates, mental illness, drug use and collateral effects of suicide, crime and violence are most prevalent.


Mental Health contact, immediate support and referrals

  • Our Alcohol and Drug Counselling programs are abstinence-based encouraging that those afflicted develop the resolve to terminate their substance abuse. We understand that this course is challenging and that far too many succumb to the devastating self-destructive effects from alcohol and drug use. We also appreciate that some 80% of crimes committed are said to be with the effect of alcohol drug use and abuse.
  •  We will inject a sense of hope where we find hopelessness. We will offer support direction and counselling to those who wonder aimlessly. We will provide food for thought and physical nourishment to those who are physically and emotionally famished.

Relationship Counselling

  • Break Free Family Services connects primarily with adolescents imparting conflict resolution and other social skills development affirming personal ethics as it remains significant to primary relationship developments whether they be platonic or intimate. These standards are appreciated as essential skills and strategies for peaceful and hospitable interactions. Within the targeted higher density areas, domestic and community shared relationships far too often result in criminal charges as a result of physical conflict.

Alcohol and Drug Counselling

  • Our Mobile unit will engage and support members of the community who are living with mental health challenges developing strategic relationships while building trust and engaging in structured cognitive basic life skills social development.
  • The mentally ill tend towards being very visible in high-density low income communities where unfortunately   there are fewer services that are sensitive to their needs. The mentally challenged community are unfortunately charged with many criminal charges where appropriate support within the community might diffuse anxieties while introducing affected persons to appropriate services.

Thank you for your contribution, it will help us achieve our goal in changing the lives of youth. Break Free Family Centre is obligated to provide either an Official Donation Receipt or a Letter of Donation Acknowledgement to your company for your donations.